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A Rainy Day.A very simple poem,in continuation of my theme,”Nature And its Varying Trends,”written sometime back.This morning the sky was very downcast and had all the prospects of heavy rains in the offing.The rooms were dark and cool winds were blowing and I was in a mood for poetry.I wrote this,had my breakfast,my bath and sat down to post this.In the meanwhile ,clouds have cleared and there is bright sunshine.This is Bangalore weather for you and it is so pleasant outside.I wanted this to be posted anyway because very soon the weather might change.Hence,in anticipation,a poem on a rainy day.A Rainy Day.Days of sweltering heat over,We welcomed the first shower,Bringing much cheer and relief,Joy to our hearts,pleasures to children.To play in the rains and get drenched.What better smell than that of good earth,Muddy and heady smell.Plants,trees and fields get green once again.Making farmers happy and heave a sighOf relief and gratitude.For many,time to be lazy with a cup of ginger tea,And fresh fried Indian snacks.And not to forget,a book to read.Uninterrupted and unpredicted,the same rains,Bring miseries manifold.Children happy still,Long holidays till they get bored,holed up at home.For others,a fervent prayer and a hope,For the rains to give a respite,to go about their work.Duty beckons and for the optimist,All for good and for the pessimist,nothing is good.


Middle Age.Alternatively can be titled “Midlife Crisis.”
First the question that arises is what exactly can be defined as “middle age”?Opinions may vary as also the times.In my mother’s time,my mother ,married at thirteen and with five children to boot,was considered old and so were her contemporaries.In my time,anyone married with one or two children were considered middle age and nearing forty,”were termed as bordering on old.Try calling any forty year old that and you know what follows.Today forty is still young and may be we can define 45 to 60 as middle aged.It is also true that some people are more hassled by any reference to age.A person would not like to be called “uncle”or “auntie” by anyone slightly younger to them.I don’t like to be called granny by anyone except children.Some in Facebook call me “madam,”some just my official name,many”,aunty “and a few “ma”. I hate being called” Mami” in FB since it conjures up the image of a very traditional person,which I am not.One dared to call me granny in FB and got it from me.
Times have changed and the modern awareness to keep themselves young and youthful.Apart from more money to spend on gym and personal trainers,there is also more emphasis on Yoga and physical activities.A receding hairline or bald patch is covered by wigs or hair extensions,as they are fashionably called.Even hair transplantation,if one can afford it.I am reminded of the recent,sad case of botched up hair transplant surgery.Grey hair is hidden under a dye.There are exceptions to all these.Many people,including me,don’t much care for artificial means and let things as they are.”More grey,more wisdom “perhaps.There are other methods like face lift,Botox and bariatric surgery.Longevity is also extended due to advancements in medical research and new medicines.
That brings us to the more serious aspect of this article,Mid-life crisis.Defined between 45 to 60,these people,both men and women,are at the prime of their careers.After the first flush of youth and experimentations with various jobs,they are more or less settled and have to concentrate.There is the perennial tension of achieving targets,presentations,conferences and seminars to prepare and attend to and a pace to keep up with.They may have growing children,who with all pleasures,also add up to the tensions.In many cases,there may be ageing parents to take care.Dependent or not,the parents still crave for some care and attention.In some cases there may be geriatric problems to deal with.Thus I call this a “caught between generation.”

With all these tensions they run the risk of lifestyle disorders.Medical problems which normally surface at this stage have to be handled with utmost care.
Children and old cannot be blamed also,both going thru a change of the case of kids with their academic pressures and in the case of old ,except in very fit cases,needing medical care.This is not meant to offer any solution since each one is an individual case and to be dealt with depending on the situation and circumstances.