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A Room With a view.This title is borrowed from a popular movie and this poem is inspired by my friend Sampath Kumar’s poem on Superannuation.He is a person who will never grow old with his multifarious interests and a childlike enthusiasm to explore the unexplored.Still he has written beautifully about the pangs of an old man after superannuated.I am going to present another side of it.This is not a patch on his prowess as a poet but then I am not a published poet.I love this.So many alliterations.One of the few times I am satisfied with my own writing.

The room described is not mine but what my father dreamt of and the dream is mine also ,though I know it would remain a dream.His dream was to live in a house,facing the sea,with choicest music and books and more importantly an expert cook.He loved solitude also.I write on impulse,not knowledgeable about the rules.
A Room With a view.
I look out of the window.Yonder there is 

The ocean.The sound of ways is musical.

At times a little subdued ,at others

Mighty and roaring.

Sound of music also from a nearby temple

Wafting in the air,sound of chirping birds.

From nearby trees,flowers in full bloom

After the night’s rains,mild not severe.

Choicest coffee in hand,concentrate

On the newspapers.Nothing earthshaking

Same demonetisation,some tributes to the departed.

A rape here and a murder there

Now seizure of gold and cash.

Counterfeit,old or new notes.

Money,black or white,does it matter?

My eyes are looking for the cartoons.I find

Pleasure in them since they enliven the atmosphere.

My own zone should be a silent zone.

Neither phone calls nor door bells.

I love the sound of silence

Lending charm to my solitude.

Again looking out,find children 

waiting for the school bus and office goers

In a hurry to reach office on time.

Having crossed all these phases

I enjoy my retirement.I still dream 

Of my exams,my reaching office late.

Of completing some unfinished work.

I realise I need have no worry.I have crossed

The Hurdles.

There are fresh problems,relating to health.

Want to sleep more,limbs are stiff.

Knees pain and eyes water.

But then I am still able to walk

With or without problems

Less compared to many.

I feel a cheer at heart and get ready

For the day,neither past,nor future 

Bother me anymore.

Old age is a bliss and a curse by turns.

Well,tomorrow is another day,who

Knows how many morrows more?