Today is World Smile Day.A poem by Shiv K Kumar in Tamil gave me the idea to write these lines.Thank you.
World Smile Day.
This day celebrated as world smile day,

The word bringing a smile to our lips.

A smile is infectious and spreads cheer 

Many smiles have won the hearts

Of many all over the world.

They were old but had love

For everyone,irrespective of who they were.

Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa

Are two names that come to my mind.

Now mired in controversies 

their names may be,but undeniably

Charming at their times.
Look at a child and look at his smile

Or her smile as the case may be.

Can anything be compared to that?

Innocent with not a care in the world.

A smile of a newly wed,with expectations

In the hearts and love in the eyes.

Old and wrinkled faces,yearning for

Love and attention and the face lit up

When given unconditional love.

Smiles of various types,of a teacher,

Of a parent or a grandparent.

All signifies happiness and cheer.
Why do some keep a wry face?

Smile to your heart’s content.

After all it doesn’t cost you anything.

Neither all your riches or wealth

Can buy you a smile.

Abundant love and care for the fellow 

Human can bring a smile to a face.

If you can do it,your life is worth living.
Shiv K Kumar.


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