Dedicated to all girl children.
International Day of The Girl Child.
Our hearts swell with pride,

At the thought of a girl child.

Not just today,every day

She is special.
Considered auspicious in traditional

Households,supposed to bring

Wealth and prosperity.

No doubt shunned in some parts

And killed on birth or treated shabbily.

Forgive them for what they do.

They know not what they lose.
Your daughter remains with you

Come what may,not “paraya dhan”,

To be gifted away to somebody else

After marriage,As was the concept

In olden day’s.Consider she is going 

There to light up some other family.

Nothing can disassociate the bonding.
Light up a girl’s life,educate her to the

Maximum.Encourage her in her aspirations.

A girl child nowhere inferior

To be used as a doormat.

Glass ceilings breaking now.

Sky is the limit.
Let her not face social limitations

Or humiliations,or physical abuses

Teach her to fight back,when abused.

If you have a son,inculcate the correct 

Values and teach to respect women.
Stop child labour where girls meet

With more abuses.If necessary

Take recourse to law,with the hope

something would change for the better.

Do not employ them at home.

Treat them as your own.

Educate them and empower them.
Cherish all girl children,not just your own.

Those not just blessed with daughters,

Treat all girl children as daughters

You never had.Those who have them

Remember they are with you for ever

Caring,devoted and affectionate.


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