Children’s Day.

On the eve of children’s day,here is a simple poem.
Children of the world,unite.

A famous poet counted the ways he

Could love his beloved.

Let us count the ways you could 

Protect yourself.

Protect yourself from unwanted advances,

From touches of strangers.

From exploitation from others,

Either for labour or bondage labour.

From inequality citing your birth,caste

Creed or sex.Fight with all your might.

to pursue your education,

Ambition or career goals.

children that you are,unite and fight

For your rights as well as others.

Never resort to violence,but

Should a need arises to protect yourself

Even your teeth and your claws

Become your weapon.

World is not only roses,it has thorns as well.

Everything is not good as it appears.

Learn to differentiate between good and bad.

Have a goal always and pursue it with determination,

Hard work and skill.

You would have your parents and teachers

And friends to guide you and help you achieve.

Once you near your goal,don’t forget 

the steps you came up with.

And help others,younger and lesser than you,

Achieve the same.

All my best wishes to all the children.


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